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November 22 is National Housing  Day and Habitat for Humanity 1000 Islands recognizes the profound impact that Canada’s affordable housing crisis is having in our community, and how Habitat’s model of affordable homeownership is an important part of the solution.

According to recently released results from the 2016 census, one in four Canadians spend 30% or more of their income on housing costs. Spending more than 30%, according to some housing advocates, puts people at an increased risk of homelessness.  A lack of decent and affordable housing options has meant that people in the community are struggling to make ends meet.

Based on a partnership between the family, the community, volunteers and the private sector, Habitat for Humanity brings communities together to help build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership. Habitat’s model bridges an important gap in the housing continuum. On one side of this continuum is social housing and rental housing, and on the other side is market homeownership. Habitat for Humanity bridges that gap, providing an opportunity for families that would otherwise have no chance at homeownership.

 Habitat does not give away free homes – Habitat homeowners pay for their homes, through an affordable mortgage that is never more than 30 percent of their income. By providing families with access to affordable homeownership, Habitat is an important part of the solution to Canada’s housing crisis.

 Habitat’s model of affordable homeownership helps low-income families purchase a home. But to make this vision a reality, every level of government needs to invest in a variety of housing solutions. It will also require the continued support of the community, corporations and other non-profit organizations to make access to decent and affordable housing a reality not just for some, but for all. 

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